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What makes the Merry Wine Market different from most wine shops is that Scott and Katherine (the delightful owners) see it as their responsibility to know about wines; therefore, intimidation and frustration are to be left on the sidewalk. Novices and collectors alike are at home here. One of their mottos is, “We’d rather make a friend than a sale”... and they mean it!

Scott and Katherine started off in February of 2004, opening as the first full-service wine shop in the little town of Black Mountain. Scott, eager to talk and visit with everyone he meets, always dreamed of owning a “mom and pop shop”, and this lovely mountain town proved to be the perfect setting for that! The growth of the business in such a short time is testament to the need for such a shop for a town that is itself growing in population, culture, and interest. Stop by to see for yourself what a vibrant little town and store we are!

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